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Books about Martin Amis:

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Understanding Martin Amis, Second Edition (2004) by James Diedrick (comprehensive reader's guide to Amis's career up to and including The Information.


Martians, Monsters, and Madonnas: Fiction and Form in the World of Martin Amis (Studies in Twentieth-Century British Literature, Vol. 2). Book description from "The burgeoning postmodern condition forces a reevaluation of the novel as a form; contemporary formlessness has created a new and seemingly endless range of interpretations under which the forms of the past coalesce. Martin Amis, whose novels and stories 'live' this phenomenon and inform this study, has discovered an art form in the literature of decay, where traditional fictional elements, such as time, voice and motivation, have been corrupted by the twentieth century and the revitalized anti-novel. Style has overcome story in the world of Martin Amis--and perhaps in the 'real' world as well."


Venus Envy, by Adam Mars-Jones (analyzes Amis's representation of gender and gender relations).


Fictions of State: Culture and Credit in Britain, 1694-1994, by Patrick Brantlinger (contains extensive discussion of Money: A Suicide Note).

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