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Date: 4/21/99
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    The April 26th New York magazine has a piece on Christopher Hitchens which quotes MA numerous times. [site manager's note: to read the entire article on the magazine's web site, click here].

Annie Leibovitz photo of Christopher Hitchens, from the book jacket of For the Sake of Argument

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Amis on the Hitchens/Blumenthal affair: "This time I think he was on the wrong side."

Concerning Hitchens' drinking the article states: Martin Amis says he's concerned but would never dream of discussing the drinking with Hitchens, explaining, "It would be ridiculous for anyone English to have that conversation."

It's evident from the article that Marty and Chris are pals, these were just two of the juicier bits.

Great links down there Billy-Jay, but I wouldn't be so strict with Hitch. Sure he was out of line snitching on Blumenthal, but at least he's willing to take the heat. There's no doubt that the guy's not perfect but his journalism, overall, is quite refreshing. I agree with him on the sexual preference teasing front. This chap Lilly had to dig pretty hard for his evidence, and so what? An off color joke? No points subtracted for that. The issue of left leaning homophobia may be a valid point, but in Lilly's letter the relatively new assertions by Chancellor and Malcom were of a more serious nature than the dinosauric ones from Hitchens.

Compartmentalizing is a way of life these days, a societal condition even. It used to be called external justification, or hypocrisy maybe. There's too much information (or bullshit) flying around in every which direction to maintain a spot clean consistency with ones world view. Hitchens thought he could nail Clinton and slide with Blumenthal, i.e. keep the two seperate, which now seems ridiculous. The fact that he rails, incessantly, on the hypocricy of the status quo makes him an attractive target, but I have respect for a guy who chooses the road less traveled and stays the course.


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