Excavating  Caduta

Excavating the source of 
Caduta Massi in Money

(from "Bartolomeo Mecanico Presents")

(photograph 1998 by M. De Dier)

The modern sign on mainland Italy and Sicily: as sterile as a sign can be, but nevertheless most interesting for the more educated visitor. Caduta Massi is a famous actress in Martin Amis' novel Money:

'_ Yes?'
'John Self? It's Caduta Massi'
'At last', I said. 'Caduta, it's an honour.'
'John, it's good to talk to you. But before we
    meet I want to sort some things out.'
'Like what, Caduta?'
'For instance, how many children do you think
    I should have?'
(Money: A Suicide Note)



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