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Date: 5/23/99
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From The Sunday Times 23/5/99:

    "A novel by Martin Amis is to be adapted by one of Britain's most promising film-makers, even though its subject matter is considered so extreme that it has twice been refused funding from the Arts Council. "Richard Holmes..has chosen to adapt Dead Babies...

    The book features a group of sex-and-drug-starved Americans and its main character is Keith, a grotesque dwarf with a drug problem. " Amis will recieve a payment of £250, 000 for the rights to Dead Babies and Night Train, a crime novella whose £10m adaptation also got the go-ahead at Cannes, and a slice of any profits. " The transfer of Dead Babies to the big screen has been fraught. Amis worked on a film treatment of the novel in the early 1980s. He drew on his experience for his novel Money, whose main character is a repoulsive fast-food commercial maker trying to set up a Hollywood movie deal. "Amis has hinted at affinities with some of his most unpleasent characters. It seems he is troubled by the comparison: he has ceded full control over the script to the film-makers."

    Why does Amis feel the need to 'do' an Elmore Leonard and sell off every single one of his works to movie makers?

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