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bullet "For Writers, Father and Son, Out of Conflict Grew Love." Michiko Kakutani reviews Experience for the New York Times (23 May 2000).
bullet "His Father's Son." John Leonard reviews Experience for the New York Times Book Review (28 May 2000).
bullet "Martin Amis: The Man Who Fell to Earth."
bullet Novelist Marianne Wiggins reviews Experience for The Times (London) )18 May 2000).
bullet "My favourite Martin." Tim Adams reviews Experience for the Guardian & Observer online (21 May 2000).
bullet "Amis and Son." Erik Tarloff reviews Experience for the San Francisco Chronicle (28 May 2000).
bullet "The Young Turk." James Wood reviews Experience for The Guardian & Observer online, 20 May 2000.
bullet "Night Train Through a Dark Wood." John Walsh reviews Experience for The Independent online (21 May 2000).
bullet "Rolling Back the Years." Terence Blacker reviews Experience for The Times (London)(21 May 2000).
bullet "Author Strikes Back With a Song of Experience." Kevin McCardle reviews Experience for the Herald (Scotland), 23 May 2000).
bullet "The Best of You is Here and I Still Have It." Victoria Glendinning reviews Experience for the Telegraph (29 May 2000).
bullet "Will They Survive?" Writing in the New Statesman, D.J. Taylor takes the long view of Kingsley and Martin--and reviews The Letters of Kingsley Amis and Experience while he's at it.
bullet "Experience to Sink Your Teeth In." David Sexton reviews Experience for The Evening Standard (22 May 2000).
bullet "Making a Name for Oneself." Julie Burchill's vicious attack on Amis and Experience for The Spectator.
bullet "A Feast at the Amis Table." Karl Miller reviews The Letters of Kingsley Amis and Experience for the Sunday Herald (Scotland), 25 May 2000.
bullet Andrew Roe reviews Experience for salon.com (26 May 2000).
bullet "Lucky Amis." Frederic Raphael's self-reflexive review of Experience for the Los Angeles Times.
bullet "Amis Accused of exploiting Fred West Link." Richard Brooks, arts editor of the Times (London), interviews Marian Partington, who is upset about what she calls Martin Amis's "exploitation" of her sister in Experience (11 June 2000).
bullet "Famous Amis." Daniel Handler of the Village Voice Literary Supplement casts a critical eye on Experience (June 2000).
bullet "Life With a Famous Dad." Paul Gray reviews Experience for Time (19 June 2000).
bullet Martin Amis writes a fan letter to Britney Spears on the occasion of her memoir. From "The Britney Papers," a series of fan letters from Norman Mailer, J.D. Salinger, George Plimpton, Camille Paglia--and Martin Amis. Brought to you by Modern Humorist, 20 June 2000.
bullet "Amis's Memoir Confides and Conceals." Lisa Zeidner posts her review of Experience, originally published in the Philadelphia Inquirer (June 25, 2000).
bullet "Fathers and Sons." Peter Craven reviews Experience for the theage.com.au (27 June 2000).
bullet "But First--Are You Experienced?" James Parker's free-associational account of Amis's reading from Experience at Wordsworth Books in Cambridge (28 June 2000).
bullet "Working Class Monster." Graham Joyce, writing for salon.com, analyzes the Partington family's unhappiness over Amis's representation of Lucy Partington in Experience (29 June 2000).
bullet "Martin Amis in Cyberspace." James Diedrick on Experience and the stages of Amis's career (August 2000).
bullet "Sons and Lovers." Novelist John Banville reviews Experience and The Letters of Kingsley Amis for The Irish Times (14 August 2000).
bullet "What Kingsley Can Teach Martin." Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviews Experience for The Atlantic Monthly (September 2000).
bullet Paraic O'Donnell's online review of Experience (January 2001).
bullet Betty-Jeanne Korson reviews Experience for AllReaders.com

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