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    Granta 65 ("London: The Lives of the City") contains four maps of Literary London by Martin Rowson, who draws for several London magazines and newspapers and has created a graphic interpretation of Laurence Sterne's The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, published by Picador/The Overlook Press. Rowson's fourth map, "Modern London," is encircled by the "Great J.G. Ballard Orbital Road." Inside this beltway, Hampstead looms large, bordered on the east, west and far south by "Low Lifes," and on the near south by six districts:

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    Martin Amis is the only contemporary writer Rowson "honors" with his own neighborhood. His name is surrounded by seven symbols, corresponding to the following items in Rowson's "KEY": Salman Rushdie, Will Self, "Slumming It," the Booker Prize (with an X across it), "Brilliant Young Stylists Aging Badly," "Cheap Literary Journalism Masquerading as Literary Criticism," and "Cheap Journalism." The key looks like this:

londonkey.jpg (31012 bytes)


    To view the entire map, click on the thumbnail image below:

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