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Annie Leibovitz photo of Christopher Hitchens, from the book jacket of For the Sake of Argument

    During the New Hampshire primary of 1992, I attempted to change the subject from Gennifer Flowers and asked Governor Clinton about his decision to execute a mentally disabled black man in Arkansas named Rickey Ray Rector. The crude indifference of his non-response convinced me then that he was lying, as his toadies are lying still, when they say they would rather focus on "the issues" than on the bimbos. What they want is to be allowed to suck undisturbed on the public and private tit, and if any analogies should suggest themselves, well-- the fault is hardly mine. I wish Rector rather than Flowers had come back to expose Clinton as an unscrupulous and vulgar and mendacious jerk six years later, but it was bound to happen in one department of his life or another, and any nemesis is more educational than none at all.

--Christopher Hitchens, "Clinton's Comeuppance," The Nation (Feb. 16, 1998): 8.

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To read Christopher Hitchens on the Kingsley-Martin relationship in the Evening Standard Online, 8 May 2000, click here.

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