The Information

The Information Reviewed:

bullet "Raging Mid-Life Crisis As Contemporary Ethos." Review of The Information by Michiko Kakutani (2 May 1995). [An excerpt: ''By turns satirical and tender, funny and disturbing, The Information marks a giant leap forward in Mr. Amis's career. Here, in a tale of middle-aged angst and literary desperation, all the themes and stylistic experiments of Mr. Amis's earlier fiction come together in a symphonic whole''].
bullet Judith van Buren reviews The Information for Urban Desires (1995).

Review of The Information by Jamie Maw, from The Reader (Duthie's Books), Volume XV Number 2 (Summer 1995).

bullet Review of The Information (by Philip Caveney at Pure Fiction Bookshop, July 1996). 
bullet "Misinformation in Reviews of The Information" (Simon Brockwell, November 1997).
bullet "Envy, The Mother of Invention." Paul Taylor of The Independent writes about literary envy, and assails The Information while he's at it (12 October 2000).

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The Information


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