Second Thoughts


Second Thoughts on
Night Train

by Janis Freedman Bellow

reprinted by permission of

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#4 May 1998: 25-29

    (Editor's Note: Janis Freedman Bellow's essay "Second Thoughts on Night Train" is essential reading--one of few essays that does justice to the novel's humanity and complexity. I wish to thank Ms. Freedman Bellow and the editors of The Republic of Letters* for permission to reprint her essay on The Martin Amis Web--and editorial assistant Nicole Peeler for her assistance).

    I have divided the essay into four parts:

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    The Republic of Letters is an independent review of literature and the arts supported entirely by the Editors. It appears irregularly, whenever there are enough texts of sufficient quality, or roughly four or five times a year. It is tabloid in format, averaging between 32 and 64 pages, printed on quality newsprint, and is available nationally in selected Barnes & Noble bookstores as well as quality bookstores, such as the Gotham Book Mart in New York, Seminary Books in Chicago, City Lights in San Francisco and so on. Our distributors are Ingram and De Boer. We are slowly building our distributorship abroad. For the time being, U.K. readers may obtain copies at John Sandoe Books, 3 Blacklands Terr, London SW1, and readers in Italy from the libreria G. Casetti, via della Reginella 27, Rome.

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