Kingsley & Martin


bullet "Focus on Kingsley Amis." Bill Brandt's short biographical sketch of Kingsley, accompanied by a telling 1975 photo of father and son (1995).
bullet "The Angry Young Lesbian Fanciers." Humphrey Carpenter does some dirty work at the Bodleian Library, reading the Kingsley Amis-Philip Larkin letters in preparation for his book on The Angry Young Men, and reports on them for The Times (London), 16 April 2000.
bullet "Daddy Dearest." Vanessa Thorpe of The Observer writes of the Kingsley-Martin relationship, The Letters of Kingsley Amis, and Experience (16 April 2000).
bullet "Amis played the angry old man over son's success." Adam Sherwin on Kingsley's animus toward his son's success in The Times (London), 10 April 2000.
bullet "Father and Son Reunion." John Walsh of The Independent writes of the Kingsley-Amis relationship and braces himself for Experience and The Letters of Kingsley Amis (31 March 2000).
bullet "The Laddish Letters of Kingsley Amis." Review of The Letters of Kingsley Amis in the Guardian & Observer online by John Ezard (10 April, 2000).
bullet From The Guardian, 8 April 2000: "Meanwhile, fans of Amis fils et père will be interested to hear that Elizabeth Jane Howard, one-time Mrs Kingsley, is to publish her autobiography. Given that Howard makes more than a fleeting appearance in her former husband's soon-to-be published letters, and that her stepson Martin's memoir, Experience, is also due out in a month or so's time, this could be a great opportunity for a bit of score-settling."
bullet "All about my father." Amis is interviewed by Alan Rusbridger in The Guardian (7 May 2000) on the eve of the publication of Experience (and excerpts in The Guardian) "about why," in the words of Guardian editors, "after the death of his father; Kingsley, he decided to put the record straight--and settle a few scores."
bullet "The Old Devil Has All the Best Letters." Katharine Whitehorn reviews The Letters of Kingsley Amis for Books Unlimited (7 May 2000).
bullet "Kingsley Amis and 'Little Shit' Martin." Christopher Hitchens writes about the Kingsley-Martin relationship for the Evening Standard Online, 8 May 2000.
bullet "Dear Martin, Yours Eric." Eric Jacobs, Kingsley Amis's biographer and would-be editor of his letters, talks of the feud that erupted between him and Martin Amis after Kingsley's death (The Times, 11 May 2000).
bullet "I didn't know I was going to incur such hatred over the years." Elizabeth Jane Howard talks about her 18-year marriage to Kingsley Amis--and his "truculent" teenage sons (The Electronic Telegraph, 16 May 2000).
bullet "The Old Devil." Julie Burchill, writing in the Guardian & Observer online, uses a review of The Letters of Kingsley Amis as a club to bash Martin with (20 May 2000).
bullet "Will They Survive?" Writing in the New Statesman, D.J. Taylor takes the long view of Kingsley and Martin--and reviews The Letters of Kingsley Amis and Experience while he's at it.
bullet "A Feast at the Amis Table." Karl Miller reviews The Letters of Kingsley Amis and Experience for the Sunday Herald (Scotland), 25 May 2000.
bullet "The Importance of Being Amis, Revisited," by David Galef. The Southwest Review, Volume 87, Number 4, 2002.




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