Kingsley Memorial

From The Times (London)

23 October 1996:

"A memorial meeting for Sir Kingsley Amis, writer, was held yesterday at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Mr Martin Amis, son, bade welcome and introduced the speakers who included Professor Karl Miller, Mr Tim Jaques, Mrs Mavis Nicholson, Dr Blake Morrison, Mr Christopher Hitchens and Mr Dominick Harrod. Among others present were:

Mr Philip Amis (son), Miss Sally Amis (daughter), Jessica Amis, Louis Amis, Jacob Amis and Miss Delilah Seale (grandchildren).

Lord and Lady Kilmarnock, Lord Lloyd George of Dwyfor, the Hon Victoria Rothschild, the Hon Gerard Noel, the Hon Emma Soames, Sir Kenneth Bradshaw, Sir Frank Kermode, Sir Mervyn and Lady Brown, Mr John Bayley and Dame Iris Murdoch, Miss Elizabeth Jane Howard, Mr Ferdinant Mount, Mr and Mrs Derwent May, Mr Bernard Levin, Mr Derek Nimmo, Mr Eddie Bell, Mr Donald Trelford, Mr and Mrs Piers Paul Read, Mr Geoffrey Nicholson, Miss Antonia Phillips, Miss Isabel Fonseca, Mr Godfrey Smith, Mr John Amis, Professor Kenneth Minogue, Mr and Mrs Anthony Gray, His Honour and Mrs Brian Galpin, Mr Salman Rushdie, Miss Margaret Quass, Mr Patrick Garland, Mrs Jill Day-Lewis, Mr Alan Ross, Mr Paul Levy, Mr William Boyd, Mr Paul Johnson, Mr and Mrs Michael Rush .

Miss Naomi Lewis, Mr Tom Rosenthal, Ms Gail Rebuck, Mr Hilary Rubinstein, Mr Kenneth Snowman, Mr and Mrs Zachary Leader, Mr and Mrs Michael Rush, Mr Rowland Davies, Mr David Lodge, Mr Mark Gerson, Miss Candia McWilliam, Mr Malcolm Edwards, Mr Norman Garrod, Mr and Mrs Tom Maschler, Mrs Valerie Grove, Mr Alan Hollinghurst, Mr John Gross, Mrs Catherine Freeman, Mr Ian Aitken, Miss Jane Pye, Mrs Miriam Gross, Ms Philippa Harrison, Mr Alan Jenkins, Dr Michael Conran, Mr Alan Watkins, Miss Claire Tomalin, Mr Lionel Bloch, Ms Vessna Urosevic.

Mr Patrick Seale, Miss Vidia Naipaul, Mr Nigel Williams, Ms Glynis Roberts, Mr Graham Green, Mr Geoffrey Moore, Mr James Cellan-Jones, Professor and Mrs John Postgate, Mr and Mrs Anthony Thwaite, Mr Alan Brien, Mr D J Enright, Mr Christopher Horne, Mr Mark Amory, Mr Michael Taylor, Mr John Byrne, Mrs Colin Welch, Mr and Mrs Richard Hough, Mr John McDermott, Professor Robin Orr, Ms Wendy Cope, Ms Julie Kavanagh, Mr Eric Jacobs, Mr Keith Waterhouse, Miss Sylvie Johnson.

Mrs Elizabeth Sich, Miss Livia Gollancz, Dr Maggie Gee, Mr Paul Ferris, Mr David Williams, Dr Kate Bucknell, Miss Felicity Williams, Mr Colin Howard, Mr Simon Raison, Mrs Beverly Cohen, Mr Russell Davies, Ms Paula Johnson, Mr David Plante, Mr Tony Lacey, Ms Tamsin Day-Lewis, Mr and Mrs Richard Law, Mr and Mrs Nigel Kneale, Mr Michael Shaw, Mrs K Kilmartin, Mr Florence O’ Donoghue, Mr John Walker, Mr and Mrs Stefan Leszczuk, Miss E Kirkbride, Mr C M Vines, Mr Nicholas Bagnall, Professor Philip Gardner, Mr Toby Buchan, Ms Elena Meleagrou, Miss Alexandra Hitchens, Mr Tony Whittome, Mrs Eve Thomas, Mr Paul Gane.

Mr Anthony Howard ( The Times) , Mr Geordie Greig ( The Sunday Times) , Mrs Katie Campbell (Evening Standard), Ms Jane Mays ( Daily Mail) , Mr Mark Le Fanu (Society of Authors), Mr Bruce Hunter (David Higham Associates), Mr Peter Carson (Penguin Books), Mr Peter Janson-Smith (chairman also representing the directors, Glidrose Publications) and Mrs Janson-Smith, Mr John Heald (Betjeman Society) and Mrs Heald, Mr Eric Shorter (Royal Theatrical Fund), Mrs Lisa Parkes (Walton Theatre Collection), Mr Anthony Butcher, QC, (chairman, Garrick) with Mr Martin Harvey (secretary) , Mr Denis Doble (Consul-General for Amsterdam), Mr Ian Hall (president, Bloomsbury International Society) and many other friends."


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