Like Father . . .

Like Son?
The Fiction of Kingsley and Martin Amis

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Posted August 15, 1998
©1998 by Stuart Kerr

(Editor's note: Stuart Kerr, a native of England, began his university career at Royal Holloway University of London in 1995.  He graduated with an English honours degree in 1998, and is currently cultivating a passion for post-war English fiction, particularly writing from and about the Capital. In his own words, he explains the genesis of his dissertation "Like Father Like Son?":

My interest in British fiction, both realist and postmodern, and love for the city have evolved into an admiration for the works of both Kingsley and Martin Amis.  This dissertation, the first piece I have had published beyond the boundaries of my educational institutions, marks this interest in these writers.  To write the first comprehensive and learned introduction to an edition of
London Fields remains my greatest (academic) ambition.  Failing this, I will continue to study and to write upon the works of both Amis senior and junior, and other English novelists. This dissertation was originally written for Professor Kiernan Ryan, my Head of Department at Holloway, who helped encourage my thoughts and enthusiasm for the topic.


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