Night Train

Night Train

bullet "It's a Fair Cop." John Updike reviews Night Train for The Times (London), 21 September 1997.
bullet "From the Ridiculous to the Sublime: The Early Reception of Night Train (James Diedrick, November 1997).
bullet "Martin Amis Dresses in Drag." James Diedrick reviews Night Train for the Authors Review of Books (16 November 1997).
bullet "Her Long Goodbye." Review of Night Train by Patrick McGrath (1 February 1998).
bullet Chris Wood writes an imaginary interview with Martin Amis in order to "review" Night Train for Pure Fiction Hardback Reviews, 1998.
bullet "Whydunit" (a review of Night Train by Chris Wright in the Boston Phoenix, January 26-February 5 1998).
bullet Allen Barra reviews Night Train in Salon, 26 January 1998.
bullet "A Thriller With Something on Its Mind" (a review of Night Train by Frank Kermode in The Atlantic, February 1998).
bullet "Tough Chaps Don't Dance." New York magazine's Walter Kirn reviews Night Train (originally published in the 2 February 1998 issue of New York magazine; posted on the web 24 May 2000).
bullet "Riding Martin Amis' Night Train. Art Taylor reviews Night Train for the Spectator Magazine (Raleigh/Durham Chapel Hill North Carolina), 5 February 1998.
bullet "Jumping the Tracks." Timothy Dugdale reviews Night Train for the Metro Times (Detroit), 25 May 1998.



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