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"It's a bit girly, but it really works." Journalist Victoria Lambert and journalist/novelist Martin Amis embarrass themselves in a feature article about the popular celebrity exercise routine called "Pilates" (Telegraph, 13 June 2002). [Among the many low points: most of Amis's quoted statements, especially the one featured in the headline, and all of Victoria Lambert's gushing remarks about Amis. This one, for instance: "He looks very comfy in his white tennis socks and navy tracksuit bottoms, which unwittingly display the best bottom in books. Kylie would look at these peaches in awe."]

bullet "We'd be Happier if We Were Winners." Terence Blacker on the Telegraph exposé of Martin Amis's pilates routine (The Independent, 28 June 2002). [Opening paragraph: "It is time to be very brave. We must venture deep and down into the cultural world to reach a dark and secret place that is rarely discussed in the pages of a family newspaper. We are about to visit the perineum of Martin Amis."]
bullet "Pinter's New Companion." Susannah Herbert weighs in on the Telegraph feature on Amis and Pilates -- for the opinions section of the Telegraph (16 June 2002). Scroll to the bottom of the column for this definitive judgment:


"The heavy-smoking novelist Martin Amis has become an ambassador for Pilates, a boring-but-fashionable system of exercise that involves repeated tightening and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles. This is good news. The masses have long lapped up exercise tips from celebrities whose glowing and healthy looks they admire. But Amis does not resemble Jane Fonda or Geri Halliwell. In fact, as the years pass, he looks more like W. H. Auden, who famously compared his creased and wrinkled face to 'a wedding cake left out in the rain.' My Pilates class may soon get less crowded."


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