Amis in Uruguay


The British Press tracks down MA in Uruguay

from the Times Online:

February 18, 2002

Sunday press briefing

"[The Mail on Sunday] tracked down Martin Amis, who has moved to the remote Uruguayan village of Jose Ignacio to overcome writer’s block. There he hopes to escape from 'the worldhum' that is 'too much in our ears now'. Could he be preparing for Archer’s release of by building a house in the 'Switzerland of America'?"

From the Amis Discussion Board:

Topic: MA is moving to Uruguay  
Conf: Martin Amis Discussion Web
From: Rolf Wunderweiper  
Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 11:27 AM,,177-210457,00.html

Atticus [aka Taki Theodoracokehead] said:

"Martin Amis has felt moved to decamp to Uruguay, officially to escape what he terms the 'world hum'. There has not, alas, been much hum about the author recently, suffering writer's block."

"His departure seems odd. Hitherto he has talked of leaving Britain for America, because he thinks history is being made across the Atlantic while Britain is 'declining'."

"Before he left he gave me a more humdrum explanation. 'I'm beginning to find London too cold', said the author, now 52. 'It is only pleasant one month a year and that is just the month everyone goes abroad.' As a curmudgeon, he is catching up with Kingsley fast.",2763,208505,00.html

"Taki spent two months in Pentonville prison after pleading guilty to attempting to smuggle cocaine through Heathrow airport."

from The Independent:

HEADLINE: The word on the street
DATE: 19 Feb 2002

Isabel Fonseca, Martin Amis's charming wife, was more than a little puzzled when she was contacted about THE MAIL ON SUNDAY's article on their new life together in Uruguay. No, she hadn't seen the piece, she said. "We never see THE MAIL ON SUNDAY", she added pointedly. It became clear why. No, Amis did not have writer's block; no, their life in Uruguay had nothing to do with post-11-September trauma; no, they were not abandoning life in Britain. "I told the reporter this", Ms Fonseca said. "But I could tell from her eyes she wasn't listening."

More on the Uruguay move--8 September 2003.

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