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bullet "Reading Martin Amis." Peg Eby-Jager writes a detailed account of the April 20 2004 Amis-Hitchens appearance at UCLA's "Our Favorite Writers" series.
bullet "In the Palace of the End." Martin Amis's most recent short story, published originally in the New Yorker (15 March 2004), now available at the Guardian online (17 April 2004).
bullet Martin Amis and James Wood discuss Saul Bellow on The Connection (RealAudio file).
bullet Amis to appear at Royal Festival Hall, 4 November 2003.
bullet Yellow Dog--Amis's forthcoming novel.
bullet "The Palace of the End" (The Guardian, 4 March 2003): "The first war of the Age of Proliferation will not be an oil-grab so much as an expression of pure power." The Guardian has removed this link, but Jackson Browne (yes, the singer/songwriter) has posted it on his web site. Ross Taylor also analyzes the essay in the 4 March 2003 Guardian summarizes it.
bullet Amis speaks at "Is There a Monster in the House?," the New Yorker Festival, 28 September 2002).
bullet Excerpts from "Window on a Changed World" [Amis looks back on September 11, 2001]. Telegraph, 11 September 2002.
bullet "The Voice of the Lonely Crowd." From the Guardian lead-in: "After September 11, writing fiction seemed a pointlessly indulgent exercise. But, Martin Amis argues, against the deadly excesses of politics and religion, the novel is a supremely rational undertaking" (1 June 2002). NOTE: click here to read John Pilger's attack on this piece--and Amis--in the 17 June 2002 New Statesman.
bullet "Age Will Win." Amis reviews Richard Eyre's highly-praised film about Iris Murdoch, John Bayley, Alzheimer's disease, and "the tragedy of time" (Guardian Unlimited, 21 December 2001).
bullet "Fear and Loathing." Amis on September 11 (from the 18 September 2001 Guardian). "Their aim was to torture tens of thousands, and to terrify hundreds of millions. In this, they have succeeded."
bullet "A Rough Trade." Amis reports on his visit to the San Fernando Valley porn industry for the 17 March 2001 Guardian (this essay originally appeared as “Sex in America” in Talk magazine (February 2001: 98-103, 133-35).
bullet Amis discusses London Fields. An edited transcript from BBC Radio 4's Book Club, first broadcast on Sunday 5th August and repeated Thursday 9th August 2001. [From the BBC website: "You can hear James Naughtie talk in full to Martin Amis about London Fields. You will need RealPlayer to hear audio on this page."
bullet Amis in Chicago '01. A brief summary of Amis's 26 June reading from Experience at the Newberry Library.
bullet Amis in Chicago '98. An account of Amis's appearance at Barbara's Bookstore (3 February 1998), where he discussed Bill Clinton and read from Night Train
bullet Amis reads from Experience at the Commonwealth Club of California  (13 June 2000) --- a transcript.
bullet "My Missing." An excerpt from the first chapter of Experience at the New York Times Book Review (posted 28 May 2000).
bullet "My Missing." A longer excerpt from the first chapter of Experience, at
bullet An excerpt from Part I of Night Train, from The Denver Post Online, 1997 ("I am a police. That may sound like an unusual statement--or an unusual construction. But it's a parlance we have . . .").
bullet An excert from Night Train from The New York Times).
bullet "Political Correctness: Robert Bly and Philip Larkin" Amis at Harvard reading his essays on Iron John and the politics of Philip Larkin's literary reputation, 30 January 1997 (a transcript). 
bullet Amis reviews The Underworld, by Don DeLillo. The  New York Times Book Review Online, October 5, 1997. (NOTE: all of Amis's reviews for the New York Times Book Review from 1978 to the present are available in the online Book Review archives, although the paper's search engine can be difficult to use).
bullet Amis reviews It Takes a Village, by Hillary Clinton.The Sunday Times [London], 17 March 1996.
bullet "The Mirror of Ourselves"--Time Magazine, September 15, 1997 ("She takes her place among the broken glass and crushed metal, in the iconography of the crash, alongside James Dean, Jayne Mansfield and Princess Grace").
bullet "Career Move"--the complete e-text of the short story at the online New York Times Book Review.
bullet "Career Move"--the complete e-text of the short story at the Random House web site.
bullet "High for a Time." Amis reviews Tom Wolfe's A Man In Full for The Guardian (7 November 1998)
bullet Amis on Jorge Luis Borges--from a 14 January 1999 British Library Colloquium on Borges.
bullet Amis remembers Iris Murdoch-- transcript of an interview on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, February 9.
bullet "The Shock of the Nou." Amis reports on Manchester United's European Cup victory. The Observer, 30 May 1999.
bullet "The world according to Spielberg." From "The Observer Century in Films," the Guardian & Observer online, 21 November 1982.
bullet An excerpt from "Lolita Reconsidered," originally published in The Atlantic, September 1992, pp. 109-20.
bullet An excerpt from Invasion of the Space Invaders (1982), in Adobe Acrobat format (this reproduces the cheesy video game graphics, but requires Adobe Acrobat to view and read).

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Beginning 9 May 2000, Books Unlimited, Guardian and Observer web site, published three excerpts from Amis's memoir Experience. This page contains descriptions of those excerpts (the links were removed on 22 May), links to audio excerpts from Alan Rusbridger's interview with Amis, and links to articles about Experience

The brief descriptions are those of the Books Unlimited editors.


"I've been name dropping, in a way, ever since I first said: 'Dad.'" In our first extract from his remarkable new autobiography, Martin Amis reveals the truth about his tender, turbulent relationship with his father- - and describes his notorious falling-out with Julian Barnes.


"Mum, do you think I'm her father?--'Definitely.'" In 1974, Martin Amis had a brief but passionate affair with a married woman. Later he learned she had had a child and subsequently committed suicide. In the second exclusive extract from his memoir Experience, he describes how two decades on he met that child--his daughter--for the first time.


"When Darkness Met Light." Lucy Partington was 21 when she disappeared. For two decades, her family desperately hoped she was living elsewhere, under a new name. Then the world learned that she had been murdered by Frederick West. In the final exclusive extract from his memoir Experience, Martin Amis remembers his gentle, artistic cousin; and describes the agony of failed marriages--his father's and his own.

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