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A laughter for our times 

In his first full-length novel since The Information, Martin Amis tells the story of Xan Meo, an actor and writer, whose newly happy life with his second wife and two young daughters is suddenly interrupted by a blow to the head from a seemingly random attacker in a London street.

Xan is badly affected by his injury; his moral sense disintegrates and his sexual impulses become aggressive. He comes close to attacking his much-loved wife, as well as--in a horrifying episode for the reader--to molesting his four-year-old daughter.

Xan's story is interwoven with that of a floridly comic English royal family, in which an effete King Henry watches helplessly as his daughter, 15-year-old Princess Victoria, becomes the subject of a pornographic film through covertly recorded footage. Another narrative strand concerns a violent gangster, Joseph Andrews. Meanwhile, Amis' latest great comic creation is Clint Smoker, a muck-raking hack on the superbly sleazy Morning Lark, who compensates for his minuscule genitals with a series of misogynist tirades under the byline "Yellow Dog".


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